Morning Movement


Morning Movement is an embodiment practice combining yoga asana, free-form movement and thai-theraputic partner stretching. This class welcomes all levels and is designed to uplift the mind/body/spirit towards self and collective love. Every class has it’s own unique flavor infused with ritual drumming and world music; so expect the unexpected.

Dominique Warfied is a movment facilitaor based out of Asheville, North Carolina. Dominique is a seasoned facilitator and has been consistently teaching for over half a decade. She has traveled around the country sharing her passions through movement arts, yoga, drumming and thai-massage at wellness studios, retreat centers, festivals and art galleries . Dominique aims to create experiences towards personal empowerment for collective healing and transformation.

June 13th @ High Frequency Loft | Taos, New Mexico | 10-11:15 am

June 20th @ High Frequency Loft | Taos, New Mexico |10-11:15 am                                              
June 27th @ High Frequency Loft |Taos, New Mexico |10-11:15 am

Cost: $11-25 (Sliding Scale)

**Wear clothes to get loose in and bring a water**