Indigenous Soul: Blindfolded Movement Journey

Indigenous Soul is a blindfolded movement journey that allows one to access a trance state of being- inviting you to explore the relationship between movement and sound without sight. As we enter the fertile darkness, like we enter the womb of our mother, the invitation is to return fully into yourself and receive the medicine from your genuine expression.

We all come from the EARTH: the elements, our bodies, our DNA is of this planet. May this be an embodied exploration which allows you to access what is native to your being and feel into the rich tapestry that our ancestors have laid before us.

Be the soft animal that trembles.

Be the stillness.

Be the song.

Be the one that beckons towards the beloved;

inviting you to return home.


Wear clothes you feel comfortable moving in.
After the journey we will have time for drinking herbal tea and come into circle for reflections.


Facilitators: Dominique Warfield

Artwork and design: Paul Pascarella & Dominique Warfield