Fields of Embodiment: Creativity Series

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing or rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” 


Through your creative process, and when your soul lies down in the grass, there is an unstoppable force of expression ready to dance, sing and praise. Imagine an open field as if it was a fresh canvas where every action and thought you have splashes colors, lines and shadows across the white spaces creating a spectacular piece of art.

Fields of Embodiment is wild-harvested from a handful of creative workshops I have visioned, facilitated and collaborated on with others. You will explore your Fields of Self, Fields of Growth, Fields of War and Fields of Praise. Step into the mystical realms of your artistic expression. 

Fields of Embodiment explores the ways you can access, cultivate and express the mysterious force of creativity; a force that is the spirit of the earth.


Every workshop consists of group check-ins, movement interludes and drum mediations. You are encouraged to prepare pieces of artwork: poetry, music, dancing, etc to showcase at the end of the series. You are encouraged to bring journals, creative supplies, instruments and wear clothes to move in.

Fields of Self: Storytelling and creating your own story through Art.

Guest speaker: Erica Mueller’s “ Embody Project” ( We highlight and engage topics on radical self-love, and creating art that influences people to heal and transform their lives. 

Fields of Growth : The Seed Dance: Blindfolded Movement

THE SEED DANCE is an opportunity to embody one’s most soulful intentions. Through blindfolded movement, you can grow your roots into the fertile darkness and begin to blossom into your authentic expression.

Fields of War: Calling upon the spirit of our Ancestors

We will engage on topics towards the “Fields of War” we place on ourselves and the injustices we interface in our planet. Guest musicians will provide the soundscapes during our movement exploration. Prepare to go deep.

 Fields of Praise: rejoicing in the spirit of oneness

Through live instrumentation, free-form movement, and opening the voice, we will create an experience that will allow us to become one body, one breath.                                 

        **Creative Showcase** 


Fields of Embodiment Creativity Series can be held in a month long series (one class a week) or can be held for a weekend retreat.