Effective Thai Massage 

Care for your body while caring for others.

In this workshop you will learn optimal and effective Thai massage sequences that will greatly support the receiver’s therapeutic experience while protecting, conserving and balancing energy in your own body as the practitioner. This course is suitable for Thai massage therapists/bodyworkers and anyone interested to learn about Thai massage in the most efficient ways. It is suggested that participants who join this course have some background in Thai massage trainings and/or feel comfortable with being hands on with other bodies on the floor.

We will cover healthy body mechanics by using the feet, dynamic rocking techniques and learn about reciprocal tension that is supportive for the receiver’s body. In becoming effective in how to approach Thai massage, the outcome will inspire you to access creative possibilities in treatments and to be more attuned with the clients healing experience.

In this course you will learn how to:

** Use the feet by protecting the wrists and allowing gravity to support you.
** Subtle rocking techniques that support the central nervous system for deeper relaxation.
** Learn about reciprocal tensions and healthy ways to stretch the body in proper alignment.
** Less “doing” and stress in the body as a practitioner while being more efficient.
** Learn to stay grounded and clear in your own energy during and after your treatment.
** Work with creativity and full embodiment.

Cost: $125 (payment options available)
Payment: Cash, Check, Venmo or PayPal // dominquewarfield@gmail.com


10:00 am -1:00 First Lesson // Dynamic Rocking and Reciprocal Tension

1:00 pm-2:00pm (lunch) // You are encouraged to bring your lunch potluck style and we can eat at Thompson Park. Healthy, organic and delicious food is much appreciated.

2:00 pm -5:00 pm : Second Lesson // Using the Feet


You will receive a training package with photos of the sequences that I will teach you and a live demonstration of what I teach emailed to you after the training.

Please wear loose clothes. Thai massage is shared with clothes on; we are not unclothed or use oils. Bring water bottle. Come with a clean body and avoid wearing strong fragrances. Using cell phone to take videos is allowed for learning purposes only, and not to be shared online.

About Dominique Warfield:

My pursuit as a healing artist began to take shape in 2008 when I was in college. I traveled throughout the United States to spiritual and intentional communities with a great curiosity to learn about Eastern spirituality, Native American ceremony and the fine arts. I obtained a BA degree in “Expressive Healing Arts” from Prescott College.

In 2011, I attended Florida School of Massage to deepen my understanding of the body and continue my inner journey of transformation. I began to study Thai massage with Ariela Grodner and fell in love with this healing modality. Having been raised as a competitive gymnast/cheerleader/dancer, my body was able to intuitively pick up on the sequences of Thai-Massage.

My practice for Thai massage deepened and I started to teach. Before I expanded as a facilitator, I felt the importance that I travel to the country of it’s origin to continue my education. I attended the Sunshine Thai Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand and studied with Kam They Chow and Ralf Marzen. My research of Thai-Medicine and desire to grow in the teachings of Asokananda lead me to profound healing experiences with master Pichet Boonthumme and the Lahu Village.

I currently assist trainings with Mudita School of Thai Yoga Massage based in London and yearly in Thailand. I also have the privilege of assisting Michael Sitzer’s Thai Yoga Bodywork in the States and Thailand. My devotion to Thai massage continues to reveal my deep passion for humanity and the mystical understanding that we are more unified than separate.