Learn the foundations  & connect with your creativity

in the ART of Thai-Massage 

In this workshop we will acquire the foundations of Thai-massage for healthy alignment in both giving and receiving. We will learn a variety of postures and sequences that will enhance creativity, vitality and relaxation for the mind/body/spirit. Most importantly, we will co-create an atmosphere to enjoy ourselves in.


Devoted to Thai-massage will cover:

* An overview of the origins and philosophy of Thai-Massage

* Yogic movement warm-up and learning proper body mechanics

* Using the feet in supine and sideline positions for ease and grounding

* Focusing on the subtle energies by tracking the breath

* Being fully embodied and expressing our creativity



This class is open to anyone of all levels | Price $75-100





VEDA STUDIOS , Asheville North Carolina |  May 6th | 9am -4pm

Facebook link: click here

In honor of Thai-Massage legendary teacher Kam Thye Chow, this workshop is dedicated to his teachings and reverence to his recent life passing.



Limited Space



About Dominique Warfield:

While I was in Asia this winter, I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of Thai-medicine so that I can grow as a healing artists. I attended the Sunshine Thai-Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand and studied with Kam They Chow and Ralf Marzen. My concentration was Yoga and Thai-Massage and Using the Feet. My research and exploration to track the lineage of Asokanandas teachings lead me to a hands on experience with master Piched Boonthumme. I also spent a week in the Lahu Village at Jakate Farm Life exploring the wilderness, learning about plants and constructing a herbal steam bath made out of bamboo. It is my passion to share the ancient healing art of Thai-Massage to influence cultural wellness and inspire people to live life with loving-kindness.