Frame Drum and Temple Arts Workshop for Women



with Dominique Warfield and Mary Arose

Sat | December 10 | 4-9 pm

Violet Owl Wellness

In this workshop, you will step inside the sacred calling of your inner-majesty and embrace the powerful communion of Sisterhood, while being held by the Appalachian mountains.

As we journey in the sacred temple, we will be connecting with the heartbeat of Earth through drum and embody the ancient wisdom of the Divine Goddesses.

This workshop is designed to increase self love, subtle body awareness, sensuality, vitality, feminine wisdom & strength.

We will explore:

  • Feminine Yoga –  kundalini & yin principles to raise life force “shakti” in the body for rejuvenation and spiritual awakening.

  • Frame Drum- from the beat of the Shamans drum to classic middle eastern rhythms, we will explore a language and ways to connect to the pulse of sound vibration.

  • Sacred Dance – moving meditation to express shakti with the drum.

  • Mantras – devotional chanting and recitation of the ancient names of the Goddess

  • Meditation – through meditation experiences access the 10 Wisdom Goddess

      and more……….

Dominique Warfield and Mary Arose met at magical hot-springs in the enchanting mountains of New Mexico.

They have been blossoming in their soul-gifts ever since.

They are passionately committed to holding ceremonial spaces for women for the purposes of reviving the feminine and healing the earth.

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An Ayurvedic vegetarian dinner, herbal tea blends and superfoods desert will be included in the evening.

We encourage you to bring your drum, journals, altar items and request you to dress in attire that allows you to move in your body and feel radiant. 

If you do not have a drum, instrument will be provided. 

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About the Facilitators:

Dominique Warfield

I reside in the Appalachia mountains in a magical city called Asheville. I am a fire-starter for  bringing  community together through movement arts, music and Earth based ceremonies. I am a Yoga Facilitator, Integrative Healer, Sound Alchemist & Ritual Performance Artist. I graduated from Prescott College with a degree in Expressive Healing Arts  and Florida School of Massage with a focus on Thai-massage and Earth based healing modalities.

I feel called and passionate about facilitating blindfolded movement journeys, sound healings with the drum, facilitating retreats and collaborating with artists from all around the globe to promote cultural peace.


Mary Arose

I draw on my 15+ years of experience in various yoga and dance traditions.  My most influential trainings include Kundalini Yoga (350 hrs), Anasura Yoga & Tantric based philosophy (200hrs), and a Temple Dance Arts Mystery School Initiation w/ Zola Dubnikova in Goa, India.  I also include teachings & traditional Indian songs and teachings from my spiritual teacher Mata Amritanandamayi  a.k.a.  Amma, the hugging saint. 


“Mary Arose embraces the strength and wisdom of the Divine Mother and Goddess with an illuminating purity of intention. Through sharing singing, dancing and meditative prayer, the room fills with a presence that is undeniably kind, loving, and blessed. Everyone in the space experiences a communal soul filling. The gift of the time spent with her is a re-grounding with Mother Earth and a reminder of the beauty of my own heart.”

— April Lowe


Price and Registration: 

Early Registration: $80

Day of: $108

*Price includes dinner*

*Please send us an email if you are looking for a volunteer rate*

(Please consider e-mailing us if you think finances are an issue).

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